ASR: Womens Breakfast

Time for women to meet together and and encourage one another

We arrange occasional events and meetings which offer encouragement and friendship to women in the midst of busy lives. Our aim is to offer an opportunity to socialise, get to know each other more and to encourage and empower women to flourish in God’s goodness and purpose.  

"It's great to get together with other women in relaxed and enjoyable ways - we might meet for a meal, to watch a movie, listen to a talk or take part in an activity. Whatever it is, we always have an opportunity to chat and get to know one another better. It doesn't matter what season in our life we are at, whether we are married or single, church members or not, a student, working or retired. When we come together we learn from each other and we support and encourage one another. Together we become stronger because God's word is at the heart of every meeting together."

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