ASR: Baptism

Baptism (sometimes called a Christening) is a gift of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a sign, a reminder of God's faithfulness, of God's promises to us from one generation to another. These promises tell us of all that Jesus Christ has done for us, promises of forgiveness, a new life and of being united to Christ and belonging to God as his children through repentance and faith. 

When we baptise our children, we don't do so because there's something magical about the water or because we think it automatically makes them Christians and they'll go to heaven. We baptise because they are going to be brought up within God's family, hearing God's promises of grace, seeing and tasting something of what it means to know and love Jesus and all with the prayer of believing parents and the support of Christian family and friends in the life of the church.

The service of Baptism is a significant step of commitment to Jesus and ongoing participation in the life of our church family, for that reason our baptism services are always a part of our main service. Solemn and joyful promises are made by you and your child’s godparents before God and the implications of baptism are far reaching. It isn’t a service for everyone but we would prepare you and your child’s godparents for the solemn and special promises that you would be making.

But if you do not feel able to make such a commitment at this point, we are also delighted to offer a Thanksgiving Service, a simple but lovely service of prayer and blessing - giving thanks to God for the birth of a child. This service which involves family and friends is a wonderful time of thankfulness, blessing and prayer, in which we as a church undertake to pray for and support you and your family at this exciting time. We love it when thanksgiving services take place in our Sunday morning service but they can be arranged for any mutually convenient time. Your child may have supporters, and we will give you a certificate to mark the occasion.

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you, so please contact us.

Of course the Christian faith is not just for children so if you are an adult or teenager and would like to discover more about Jesus and the difference that He can make we would be delighted to hear from you, please contact us.