Pastoral Care

ASR: Ladies talking

We have a strong network of pastoral support across our church, where people are looking to support one another in life and our discipleship. We invite everybody to become part of a home group, which provides a home within a home in the church family and offers a more intimate context to care for one another.

Everybody within the church who might be considered vulnerable, perhaps because of age or illness, is 'attached' to a home group, so that the home groups can take a lead in extending pastoral care across the wider church family, and to ensure that nobody is missed. This involves practical support, fellowship and spiritual encouragement, so that all of us, no matter what our circumstances may look to flourish as disciples of Jesus.

Further to this, the Vicar is always willing to meet and pray with anybody who would find this helpful. Please get in touch directly with him if you would like to.

Contact the Vicar.