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We run a course called Christianity Explored which allows people to ask any questions they have about life, God and the Christian faith. Over the course of seven weeks we read Mark's gospel together, which is a short eyewitness account of the life and death of Jesus. As we do this we will see who Jesus is, why He came and what it means to follow Him. To find out more about this course at All Saints please contact the Vicar

"Having grown up in a Christian family and attended church since I was little, I found Christianity Explored a great opportunity to think about what being a Christian means for me on a personal level and why I have chosen to live my life for Jesus. The relaxed set up meant I felt at ease to ask as many questions as I wanted without being judged. This course is a chance to think about the amazing things God has done for us and how we should be living out lives as a result. (The cake supply was always well received too!)"

"I didn't know what I made of God. Christianity Explored allowed me to explore the claims of Christianity in a safe environment of confidence, trust and love. The mixed feelings and questions that had overshadowed my upbringing were answered and I found myself and my faith, trust and love for God in those few weeks - it made a huge impact in my life and opened my eyes. The group was non-judgemental, there was no pressure and I could ask questions that in the past I had considered rude and impertinent. As I did this, the Lord found me and I now feel a calmness within me. I still have questions and with the love and support of my new Church family those questions are gradually being answered as I continue to learn more about God. Christianity Explored opened the door for me to a wonderful world where I am not afraid.

"I was persuaded to attend Christianity Explored by a friend but had been thinking about doing the course for some time. I went to the first meeting slightly nervous as I only go to church occasionally, but I need not have worried. Others seemed to be feeling the same and it was a very welcoming and friendly group. Plus there was tea and cake – lots of it!  The course studied the Gospel of Mark. We watched a video and then separated into groups to discuss it, before joining back together for a final chat (with more cake) and the chance to put our individual thoughts and views. What I learnt on the course about the basis of Christianity has helped me to understand church services better and to feel part of the church community more. I did enjoy the course a great deal and have a quiet satisfaction that I finally did it!"

We are grateful to Christianity Explored for sharing this video with us. Please click on the image below to find out more about the course. 

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